Answers to Your Massage Questions from Soul Focus Massage

  • What is the difference between relaxation massage and a therapeutic massage?

    While a relaxation massage is great to reduce stress and promote general wellbeing, therapeutic massage is a targeted massage that is usually intended to treat a specific injury or pain cycle.

  • What is LightStim Red Light Therapy?

    LightStim LED Bed is a soothing, natural, and noninvasive treatment that promotes total body wellness and peak physiological function by utilizing there power of LightStim MultiWave Patented Techlogy.

  • I have arthritis, will a LightStim Therapy Session help?

    Yes, LIghtStim was the first LED Bed to gain Over-The-Counter FDA Clearance for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, minor arthritic pain or muscle spasms, the temporary increase in local blood circulation, and the temporary relaxation of muscles.

  • I have been advised to stay out of the sun due to the UV rays, can I still benefit for LightStim Therapy?

    Great question! LightStim LED Therapy delivers energy similar to light energy from the sun, but LightStim emits UV-Free, beneficial light energy to the skin to help activate the body's natural pain relieving processes.

  • What is your availability and how do I book an appointment?

    Soul Focus generally has a few openings each week. You can book online through our website or call the office at (541)223-1729

  • Do you take AARP/United Health Supplement insurance. Do I need a referral?

    We try to bill all insurance plans. All we need to do is get an authorization that your insurance pays for massage. Most medical massage needs a Dr. referral and a preauthorization to receive the benefit payment. We are happy to check for you.